Declaration of member interests December 2013

Auckland Council’s Code of Conduct requires elected representatives to complete an annual declaration of interests. My first declaration was  submitted as requested at the end of June 2012.   No request for a further declaration was made to elected representatives until early December 2013 (due date 20 January 2014) requesting a declaration back dated to 1 January 2012. However I have reported all gifts in my monthly board reports and have declared all interests for this term at the Board’s first business meeting on 10 December (recorded in the minutes).

I have also maintained a Registry of interests on my website since August 2012.  (A declaration of interest summaries is available for Ward Councillors on the Auckland Council website.  The summary is not currently available for Board Members).

As an elected representative I wish to be as transparent and open as possible about all my interests.  I take very seriously my responsibility to approach decision making with an open mind, to make decisions in the public interest and to be fully accountable for my decisions and actions. Being completely open about my interests is just one of the ways I personally wish to maintain the high standard of conduct that is expected of me in my role.

December 2013 Declaration

Interests in land: 16 Firth Road, Grey Lynn (jointly with my partner)

Companies: (partner) Paul Shortland Limited, Pallet Lock Limited, Firth Road Trustees Limited

Trusts: Connected Media, Grey Lynn 2030, Kelmarna Community Garden (until May 2013)

Memberships: Grey Lynn Farmers Market, Grey Lynn RSC, Cycle Action Auckland (until December 2013), YWCA (2012-13), Vintage Austin Register, Auckland Girls Grammar Old Girls Association, Sustainable Business Network, Grey Lynn Business Association (until November 2013).

Name of debtors: n/a

Name of creditors: n/a

Appointments: n/a

Gifts: (1 July 2012 – 31 December 2013) Tickets to Auckland Arts Festival, Basement Theatre, ATC opening nights, Tim Bray Productions, Seafood Festival 2012, Taste Auckland, NZ Ballet, Q Theatre  (value unknown but only package of Arts Festival tickets likely to be over $300)

Additional Declaration: Partner, Paul Shortland was a member of the Mayor’s consensus building group (representing Cycle Action Auckland)

Monthly Board Report December 2013

inaugural Waitemata Local Board meeting with friends and family

I was delighted to be re-elected to the Waitematā Local Board on 12 October 2013 and to be confirmed as Deputy Chair for another term at our inaugural meeting on 4 November.

My first Board report for this term covers my activities from 10 September including the final period of the first triennium of Auckland Council and the election period.


I look forward to continuing to work on the Transport portfolio (portfolio’s to be confirmed at our December Board meeting). There are some exciting projects underway in our area – Beach Road cycle lanes (photo from the Beach Road open day), the Sky path, Grafton Gully Cycleway, Waitematā safer routes scheme  and the Board’s Greenways project that we can look forward to seeing delivered over the next three

Pippa Coom and Christopher Dempsey at theBeach Road open dayAuckland Transport’s draft Cycling Business Plan

The feedback from Christopher and me is on Auckland Transport’s draft Cycling Business Plan is on this month’s agenda. We have raised a number of concerns regarding the draft plan and the failure of Auckland Transport to put forward an investment proposal to meet the Auckland Plan targets.

Greenways Plan

The Board’s Greenways Plan is now online. We heard in November that Auckland Transport are progressing the design work on our priority Greenway Route connecting Coxs Bay to the NW Cycleway via Grey Lynn Park with construction planned for 14/15 .

Work is also underway on an implementation plan for delivering the priority routes in the plan which will be on our February agenda.

SH16 – St Lukes Interchange

During the election period the NZTA and Auckland Transport requested land owner consent from the Board to widen Great North Road into reserve land opposite MOTAT to provide for two lanes on to the motorway.  The Board has pushed back on the widening due to the lack of clear transport benefits and the need to remove mature pohutakawa trees. The plans have now been modified to retain the trees and incorporate cycling and walking improvements. Auckland Transport have given an undertaken that outstanding concerns are going to be addressed through the Great North Road Corridor Management Plan that has recently got underway.

Reporting on transport issues

Auckland Transport reports monthly on the issues progressed with the transport portfolio. The report is available on our agenda.

Community Development

I hope to continue working on the Community Development portfolio for a second term. We are making good progress on a number of projects and initiatives (including the redevelopment of Pioneer Woman’s Hall as a community facility for inner city residents) however there are still a wide range of issues and community priorities that need to be addressed.

Meetings associated with the community development portfolio are listed below.

Community Funding

The Board’s Community Grant committee met on 2 September and recommended the allocation of grants for the first round of funding for 13/14. Grant application decisions totalling $24,601.60 were confirmed at our September Board meeting.

The Central Joint Funding Committee met on 20 September to allocate grants from the Accommodation Support Fund, the Community Group Assistance Fund and the Auckland City Cultural Heritage. These grants are allocated within the old Auckland City Council area by representatives of the relevant Boards. The minutes are available online.

Other board activities

Bunnings Decision

I attended most of the four days of hearings in support of the submitters against the application for a Bunnings mega store development on Great North Road. Board chair, Shale Chambers addressed the hearing on behalf of the Board in opposition.

After hearing the evidence I thought the submitters had a really strong case based on the negative impact of the Bunning’s proposal.  It is a non-complying activity in a Mixed Use zone that abuts the Res 1 neighbourhood of Arch Hill. The scale of the activity is not intended under the district plan in a mixed use zone. I was therefore hugely disappointed that the commissioners granted Bunnings consent on 20 November.   I feel that residents have really been hugely let down by the process and are now faced with taking the fight to the Environment Court

Unitary plan open day at the libraryUnitary Plan

The proposed Unitary Plan was notified on 30 September for public consultation. Feedback is open until 28 February 2014.

I attended the public open day at the Central library on 11 November including presentations on Sustainable Design and Universal Access. I also attended the briefing for all elected representatives on 19 November. The plan and key topic fact sheets are available online.

Urban Design

Gentle Density, Brent Toderian

I had the opportunity to attend a workshop with Brent Toderian, the former Chief Planning Officer for Vancouver City Council. I heard about “gentle density” for the first time – a term that has now been adopted by Auckland Council planners.

Brent covered the magic of density done well:

  • Reduced energy use in buildings
  • Allows for active transport
  • More green design options (in Vancouver called “eco-density”)
  • Less sprawl
  • More affordable housing choices
  • Improved public health
  • Vitality, diversity, safety

Brent emphasised that it is not about height it is about how well you design it and that the emphasis must be on good design. The best thing you can do for density is have a high design standard. In Vancouver this translated into only accepting “excellent” design. He gave examples of how gentle density can be achieved.

  •  Hidden density “laneway” houses by infill housing
  • Ground orientated housing
  • “invisible” housing achieved through secondary suites

His message to the professionals that attended the workshop is that there is no excuse not to achieve density and to have a genuine conversation about the benefits (and challenges)

  • Demographics on their side
  •  Urban environment perfect condition
  • Families are choosing urban living (in US 80% of households are childless) – if you design for kids you attract kids

Following the workshop Brent presented at an Auckland Conversation where Ludo Campbell Reid launched the Auckland Design Manual.

In his presentation Brent focused on transportation issues. Key points:

  • Key problem of sprawl is auto – dependency
  • It is a myth that is is possible to balance modes – what has to happen is a re-prioritisation with walking first then cycling
  • No city has made driving better by building roads. In Vancouver they have achieved 20% less vehicles entering downtown and driving has got better
  • The best transportation plan is a great land use plan
  • Done well density uses the power of nearness
  • He recommended designing “eye candy” for walkers
  • Need to physically protect cyclists only why will increase mode share – cheapest infrastructure investment you can make
  • It is not about being “anti-car” but “pro-choice”

Local Board Workshops and meetings

In the period 10 September – 21 November I attended:

  • Cake presented to the Waitemata Local BoardWaitematā Local Board business meeting on 10 September at Parnell – the final meeting of the first term of the Board (photo of the cake presented at our last Board meeting)
  • Arch Hill Residents public meeting on 16 September
  • Community portfolio monthly catch up on 18 September
  • Meeting to discuss Basement Theatre liquor licence
  • Meeting to discuss Pt. Resolution master plan
  • Central Joint Funding Committee Meeting on 20 September
  • Meeting with Tania Pouwhare, Principal Strategy Analyst to discuss neighbourhood planning/place making
  • Meeting to discuss plans for the children’s area at the Central Library
  • Meeting to discuss waste management funding for the Grey Lynn Festival with the solid waste team on 26 September
  • ATEED tourism update held at Shed 10 on 27 September
  • Community Facilities renewal programme 2014 meeting
  • Auckland Transport monthly catch up
  • Neighbourhood planning working group meeting convened by Roger Blakely on 30 September
  • Meeting to discuss a first draft of a Localised Carbon Reduction Plan for Waitemata on 2 October
  • Hearings for Bunnings – attended on 7, 8, 9, and 10 October
  • Meeting on 9 October with local residents to discuss anti-social behaviour at St Patrick’s Square
  • Pioneer Women’s Hall redevelopment meeting on 9 October
  • Paul Steely White breakfast presentation hosted by Heart of the City and AECOM on 11 October
  • St Luke’s interchange meeting with Parks officers on 11 October
  • Meeting to discuss Sugar tree development and Corridor management plan for Nelson Street on 15 October
  • Presentation by Billy Mathieson, Principal Adviser, Social Entrepreneurs to report back from his attendance at the SOCAP13 conference in SF – one of the leading ‘Social Impact’ events in the world.
  • Waitemata Local Board welcome meeting on 18 October
  • Ways of working workshop on 22 October
  • Interview on Radio Ponsonby on 22 October  to discuss bike park corral and Ponsonby Road Master plan
  • CCOs at the Stepping forward for Auckland ExpoOne day “Stepping Forward for Auckland” – Conference and Expo for newly elected members  (photo of CCO panel at the Expo)
  • Legal Briefing  as part of the induction Expo for elected representatives
  • Waitemata Local Board New Elected Members Technology Training session 25 October
  • Stormwater One day Seminar at the Rendezvous Hotel on 31 October
  • Finance, Comms and Local Board Agreement training for Elected members on 1 November
  • Waiheke Local Board inaugural meeting on 2 November
  • Inaugural meeting of the Waitematā Local Board 2013 – 2016 on 4 November
  • Grey Lynn Business Association Committee meeting on 5 November
  • Launch of Waterfront Auckland’s Sustainable Development Framework on 5 November at Shed 10
  • Albert- Eden Local Board inaugural meeting on 6 November
  • Meeting to discuss Christmas Carols in Western Park
  • Meeting with Lynne Butler, Freemans Bay residents on 6 November to discuss setting up a Freemans Bay Residents Association
  • Meeting to discuss the proposed activation of Quay Street with a Ciclovia event (road “opening” for walking and cycling) to be held on 8 February 2014
  • Coastal walkway meeting with Parks officers on 8 November
  • Waitematā Local Board weekly workshop on 12 November
  • Transport update on 13 November
  • Unitary Plan update for all elected representatives on 19 November
  • Waitemata Local Board workshop on 19 November
  • Meeting with Sugar tree and Nelson street developers to discuss Auckland Transport plans for a corridor management plan on 20 November
  • Advancing Auckland’s Governance induction workshop for elected representatives on 20 November
  • Greenways meeting with Parks officers and Auckland Transport on 21 November
  • Environmental portfolio first catch up meeting on 21 November
  • Community Development and Partnerships monthly catch up with the portfolio holders on 21 November

Events and functions

In the period from 10 September – 22 November  I attended the following events and functions:

  • Tour and lunch at the Crossroads Clubhouse, Great North Road
  • Great Transport Debate hosted by Campaign for Better Transport on 11 September
  • Unwrapping a new era in transport – launch of Auckland’s new electric commuter trains at Wiri Depot
  • Grey Lynn Business Association networking drinks on 12 September
  • Opening of the Age of Aquarius – Fashion Museum on 13 September
  • Survive and Thrive (a public forum, expo and series of workshops for people working in the creative sector)  – attended an afternoon workshop on 14 September at the invitation of the Big Idea
  • Bayfield School Safe School Travel Plan Launch with the Mayor on 16 September
  • Parnell meet the candidates event
  • Grey Lynn meet the candidates event
  • Spoke at the suffrage day celebrations at Khartoun place organised by the National Council for women on 19 September
  • Beach Road walking and cycling improvements Public information day at AECOM hosted by Auckland Transport
  • Parking day installation on Hardinge StreetPark(ing) day event on Hardinge Street organised by the Urban Design team
  • Ponsonby Market Day on 21 September
  • America’s Cup races at Shed 10 over various mornings
  • Arch Hill Street party on 22 September
  • Newmarket Business Association AGM (I was a scrutineer) on 25 September
  • Opening of the Heritage Festival at Shed 10 on 27 September
  • Young and Hungry theatre production at Basement Theatre (at the invitation of the Basement Theatre)
  • Launch and Lunch at the Italian Festival on 29 September at the invitation of the Italian Society
  • Mayoral morning tea with Auckland Senior Citizens to celebrate the 2013 United Nations International Day of Older Persons on 1 October
  • Bayswater walking and cycling pipe bridge opening attended by the Mayor on 5 October
  • Grey Lynn Savalivali Heritage walk
  • Grey Lynn Farmers Market AGM on 6 October (I was re-elected Chair of the management committee)
  • Powhiri for new Voyager director on 7 October
  • Opening of Art Week at K’rd on 10 October
  • Newmarket Business Association Young Designers Awards (at the invitation of NBA) on 11 October
  • RIMU presentation Pseudo-science and caricatures? Reflections on Gen X, Y, X, Z and beyond
  • Fiesta in the Park on 13 October
  • Parnell Trust AGM 15 October
  • Sustainable City Showcase at the Cloud hosted by Sustainable Business Network on 17 – 19 October
  • Official opening of the 12th annual Auckland Diwali Festival on 19 October
  • Jam on Toast event at the Grey Lynn Community Centre on 19 October
  • Westhaven drive walkway ground breakingGround-breaking for the start of construction of the Westhaven walk and cycleway 21 October (see photo)
  • Pouwhiri for the new Council on 23 October
  • Opening of the Tall Ships Festival at Queens Wharf on 26 October
  • Inaugural meeting of the Governing Body at the Town Hall on 29 October
  • Gentle Density workshop with Brent Toderian on 30 October
  • Auckland Conversation and launch of the Auckland Design Manual on 30 October with Design for Auckland:   Brent Toderian – Toronto, Canada
  • Meet the Fair Trade Farmers event hosted by Oxfam NZ at Shakey Isles on 31 October
  • Celebration and opening evening at Parnell Baths on 1 November
  • Auckland Conversation – Beauty and Biophilia Amanda Sturgeon, Living Buildings International
  • Auckland Conversation in Association with RIMU Kids in the City – Accommodating Children in an intensifying Auckland Karen Whitten and Robin Kearns on 6 November
  • Cycle Action Auckland’s Associates Breakfast on 7 November
  • TRANX drug and alcohol service 25th  anniversary celebration on 7 November
  • Fairtrade Banana event at Ponsonby Central on 7 November
  • Art in the Dark opening on 7 November
  • Art in the Dark event 8 and 9 November
  • Unitary Plan public Open day on 11 November
  • Newmarket Business Association networking drinks (Buzz) on 13 November
  • Social Enterprise Forum – Growing the fourth sector on 14 November
  • Grey Lynn Business Association AGM on 14 November (I stood down from the Committee)
  • Grey Lynn Community Centre AGM on 20 November
  • Switching on the Parnell Lights event at Heard Park on 21 November

Deputy Chair of the Waitemata Local Board

Inaugural meeting 4 November 2013I am very honoured and grateful to have been re-elected on 12 October to the Waitemata Local Board along with my City Vision colleagues Shale Chambers, Christopher Dempsey, Deborah Yates and Vernon Tava.  Thank you to everyone who supported me and the City Vision Local Government Elections 2013 campaign.

At the inaugural meeting of the Board on 4 November I was delighted to be re-elected  Deputy Chair.  The Chair’s inaugural address is available here. 

I am committed to working full time for the heart of our city and Auckland’s central suburbs both on Council and with several voluntary organisations. I chair the Grey Lynn Farmers Market committee and am a strong advocate for sustainability and transport choice.

My approach is collaborative, inclusive and open.  I maintain a full declaration of interests here and report monthly on my activities.  Please get in touch if there is anything you would like to discuss.

Taking my declaration at our inaugural meeting. Photo credit: Cathy Casey
Taking my declaration at our inaugural meeting. Photo credit: Cathy Casey

Strong result for City Vision and centre-left

Media Release from City Vision

13 October 2013

Strong result for City Vision and centre-left

“The 2013 Auckland Council elections have seen a strong performance from City Vision and progressive teams across the Auckland isthmus”, says Gwen Shaw, Campaign Co-ordinator for City Vision.

“On the Auckland Isthmus City Vision achieved the following results:

  • In the Waitemata & Gulf Islands Ward incumbent City Vision-endorsed Councillor Mike Lee was returned with a strong majority.
  • In the Albert-Eden-Roskill Ward incumbent City Vision Councillor Cathy Casey was comfortably returned.
  • On the Waitemata Local Board, City Vision retained five out of seven positions.
  • On the Albert-Eden Local Board, City Vision retained five out of eight positions.
  • On the Puketapapa Local Board, Roskill Community Voice increased representation to win four out of six positions.

“When taken together with the Whau Local Board result (five Labour members elected on a Board of seven) and Maungakiekie-Tamaki (four Labour members elected on a Board of seven), this means that all Local Boards on the Auckland isthmus, with the exception of Orakei, are controlled by progressive groupings. This is a major achievement and a huge change from the old Auckland City days of C&R domination.

“Regretfully, some high quality City Vision candidates were not successful this election. We also note with sadness the loss of Richard Northey as Maungakiekie-Tamaki Ward Councillor. City Vision has worked extensively with Richard over the years and we know him to be a person of great integrity and knowledge who has served his community faithfully. His contribution on Council will be greatly missed.

“With strong progressive representation across the Auckland Isthmus we will be working hard to engage our local communities over the coming term. We campaigned on public ownership of Auckland’s assets, empowering local communities, treating people and our environment with respect, and building a congestion free network. We thank Aucklanders for their support this election and will work hard to advance the values and policies we were elected upon”, says Gwen Shaw.


Contact Gwen Shaw 027 4144074

Final days to vote – head to the library

Drop it off to voteMedia release from City Vision

9 October 2013

City Vision is reminding people that Wednesday 9 October is the final day for posting votes in the Auckland Council elections. After the post has been cleared on Wednesday, people will need to head to their local library to cast their votes.

“Wednesday 9 October is the final day that votes can be put in the mail, with certainty that they will be received on time. After that, people need to head to their local library to vote. It is an innovation for libraries to be able to receive votes in the days leading up to election day and City Vision welcomes it. Any step that makes voting easier is to be applauded”, says Pippa Coom, City Vision candidate for Waitemata Local Board.

People voting at the library still need to complete the voting paper that has been mailed to their home address. Complete the voting paper, seal it in the return envelope, and then deposit it in the ballot box at your library. People can vote at their local library up until 12noon on Saturday 12 October. Auckland Council Service Centres, including the Civic Building on Grey St (ballot box) and at 45 Graham St (counter), will also be open on Thursday and Friday to collect completed voting papers.

“As of Tuesday 8 October just 22% of Aucklanders have had their say by voting. City Vision urges all other Aucklanders to participate in our democratic process by mailing their vote this Wednesday, or by taking their vote to the library on Thursday or Friday, or on Saturday morning”, says Pippa Coom.

Planting bio-corridors on the berms

berm guerilla garden Richmond roadA Grey Lynn 2030 project

Spring is here and the grass is growing. Around our neighbourhoods the berms (grass verges) are looking either very shabby or immaculately well kept. This is because from 1 July Auckland Council stopped mowing the grass and the service has been brought into line with the old council areas of North Shore, Waitakere and Manukau (saving ratepayers

around $3m per year). Officially we are now all “responsible” for taking care of the berms adjacent to our properties with some exceptions. The details are on the Auckland Transport website.

Many residents prefer to maintain “their” berms as they can do a much better job than the contractors. It is also an opportunity for neighbourly interactions and to look out for elderly residents. A few years ago Grey Lynn 2030 started a project to create bio- corridors on the berms. We think the new mowing arrangements are a perfect opportunity to revive this project for the benefit of the environment and our community.

The goal is to create a beautiful and diverse urban landscape that supports a rich mix of flora and fauna; where nature is visible and celebrated; with streets where people, plants, birds, bees and insects flourish. By thinking about the berm as a “bio-corridor” we will end up with beautiful streetscapes; a perfect habitat for birds, bees, native invertebrates (such as lizards) and urban insects. Berms that are planted with suitable species support local pollination and bird life, reduce stormwater runoff and soil erosion, improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

If residents start taking responsibility for planting and maintaining the berm outside their own house it is hoped that over time gardens will form a continuous corridor in any street. In the same way as the Franklin Rd Christmas lights, each house will have a different garden but together they will form a congruous whole. The gardens combined will be visually stunning and create a cohesive landscape that is pleasant to walk and play in.

Grey Lynn 2030 encourages you to only plant what you are willing to take responsibility for and to avoid trees and structures. Ideal plants include hardy, low maintenance, flowering perennials and small shrubs. Native plants provide habitat and food for native flora and

fauna. All year round flowering plants are ideal for bees. For example; lavender, hebe, native grasses, pohuehue (muehlenbeckia) manuka, swan plants, wild flowers, borage, nasturtium and comfrey.

If in doubt contact Auckland Transport and stick to the following guidelines for planting on berms:

  • Only low-level planting should be used. This should not impede pedestrians, restrict visibility or create a safety hazard for motorists or cyclists.
  • The planting must not affect the operation of utility services which are often located on the verge.
  • The planting should be maintained regularly.
  • Trees, large boulders, shells and similar, harder landscaping measures should not be used.

While there is some effort involved to start, once established planted berms will be low maintenance and much less work than lawns! We look forward to seeing a whole new urban landscape flourish.

This article was first published in the October edition of Ponsonby News

A quick round up of Unitary Plan feedback

In the final days of feedback on the  draft Unitary Plan I  am impressed with the focus and attention to detail that has been put into a number of template submissions on the plan. These templates do the hard work of analysing many of the complex rules in the proposals and pull together the key issues.

Here are my favourites so far that I will be using for my own personal feedback:

Auckland Transport Blog

Grey Lynn Residents Association  – Quick feedback template

Generation Zero – Quick feedback

Environmental Defense Society  (all 71 pages!)


I also really enjoyed reading Russell Brown’s A Plea for Sanity on the Unitary Plan

The feedback form is available here  . Due by 5pm on Friday 31 May

(Received an email from the 2040 group asking you to give feedback?  Read this first before using any of the content – unfortunately it is highly misleading)

A selection of photos from the Waitemata Local Board’s unitary plan adventures

Monthly Board Report – February 2013

This is my first report for 2013 covering my activities from 1 December 2012 until 31 January 2013.

Portfolio reports – Transport

The Transport portfolio monthly briefings with Auckland Transport representatives re-commenced on 31 January.   Full details of current proposals and issues are outlined in Auckland Transport’s monthly report attached to the Board agenda.


The year has started with a number of complaints and concerns about parking. AT has been consulting on a proposal to install a zone of pay and display parking in Eden Tce. The proposal is intended to address the issue of all day commuter parking blocking visitors to local businesses.   I responded directly to Mr Wilson who addressed the Board in December about the scheme and his concern that it doesn’t take into account the needs of residents in a mixed use area. The next step is to hear the results of the consultation and recommendations from AT before taking the proposal further.

The highest number of complaints received by AT come from the Freemans Bay area where commuters are blocking access to on street parking by residents and visitors. I have also responded to a number of calls and emails about this issue.  The transport portfolio has given support for AT to work on a solution that is likely to involve a zone approach with price and/or time restrictions.

AT is looking at the results of the St Marys Bay Residents parking scheme and plans to consult on a proposal for the Freemans Bay area in the next couple of months.

Good for business seminar series

Following on from the successful Good for Business seminar held last year in partnership with Auckland Transport and AECOM I am working with Christopher Dempsey to organise two further seminars aimed at the business community. AECOM have agreed to host a parking seminar and one on the accessibility dollar (as part of our Be.accessible plan). AT have indicated that they will be able to fund a guest speaker for the parking seminar which we are looking to hold in March.

Draft Regional Public Transport Plan

Christopher and I presented the Board’s submission on the Regional Public Transport Plan to the hearings panel on 29 January 2013. A copy of our presentation is attached as ATTACHMENT A.

Grey Lynn Footpath upgrade

Thanks to the advocacy work of the Grey Lynn Business Association and the financial contribution from the Board the renewal of the footpaths at the Grey Lynn shops was able to get underway in January.  Businesses and residents are really pleased to see the works happening. The contractor has worked hard to minimise disruption and to ensure the works are undertaken as smoothly as possible which has been greatly appreciated by the local businesses.

Waitemata GreenwaysGreenways

In January I assisted Shyrel Burt in finalised a consultation plan for our Greenways project. The project featured in Our Auckland and in the Board’s advertorial in February. A Greenways event is planned for 20 February from 4- 7pm at the Richmond Rovers Clubrooms in Grey Lynn Park.

Community Portfolio

During December and starting again in January the community portfolio worked on

  •  Consultation plan for our Local Board Agreement and Unitary Plan engagement
  •  Christmas message from the Board to community representatives
  •  follow up to the Jim Diers inspired neighbourhood planning proposals
  •  feedback on the Thriving Communities Auckland Council’s role in supporting communities to flourish discussion document which is   attached to the February agenda.
  • Planning for a Good Citizen/Volunteer Awards
  •  Proposal for a working group to develop the Ponsonby Road master plan

I also attended the Youth network meeting in December and a quarterly workshop for all community development portfolio holders in the central area.

Grants Committee

The Committee met to consider applications to the second round of community grants funding 2012/13.  A total of $24,649.09 was recommended in grants to the Waitemata Local Board ordinary meeting on 11 December 2011. The minutes of the meeting are available here .

Other board activities

Local Board Workshops and meetings Attended:

  • Waitemata Youth Network meeting on  3 December at Freemans Bay Hall organised by the Community Development team
  • Grants Committee meeting on 3 December
  • Waitemata Local Board workshop on 4 December
  • Community Development portfolio holders (central area) workshop on 6 December
  • Grey Lynn Business Association December meeting
  • Waitemata Local Board monthly meeting in Grey Lynn on 11 December
  • Presentation on O’Connell Street design concepts
  • Community Portfolio meeting on the Thriving Communities discussion document
  • Neighbourhood Planning – Follow up to Jim Diers on 14 December meeting hosted by the Deputy – Mayor
  • Unitary Plan Local Board update session – Central
  • Energy and Climate Change Mitigation Strategy workshop on 17 December –  ­ a progress update workshop for councillors and local board members covering the overall ECCM work programme
  • Follow up meeting – Thriving Communities Discussion document feedback
  • Waitemata Local Board workshop on 18  December
  • Community Development and Partnerships Central monthly update meeting on 19 December
  • Meeting led by the Chair on 19 December with Ashley Church, Newmarket business Association, officers and Tomizone to discuss the extension of the WIFI zone in Newmarket
  • Greenway project consultation planning meeting on 20 December
  • Freyberg Square briefing and input meeting on 20 December
  • Waitemata Local Board Engagement approach for the Local Board Agreement and Unitary Plan on 21 December
  • CEWT Study site walk organised by AT on 15 January – a  walk through the Wellesley and Victoria Streets study area to discuss issues, constraints and opportunities
  • Meeting with AECOM to discuss further Good for Business seminars
  • Scoping the Ponsonby Road Master plan process with planning officers on 16 January
  • Development of an inner-city residents survey meeting with the community portfolio
  • Auckland Harbour Bridge Pathway project update at Heart of the City on 16 January
  • Planning meeting for Waitemata Volunteer Awards on 17 January
  • Meeting with Adventure capital CEO to discuss Council street trading by-laws
  • Meeting to discuss Waitemata Local Board’s engagement on the Local Board Agreement on 23 January
  • Community portfolio meeting with Frances Kelliher (Circability Trust) to discuss proposed use of Campbell Free Kindergarten on 23 January
  • Presentation to the Public Hearing on the  Draft Regional Public Transport Plan on 29 January
  • Draft Local Board Agreement advocacy projects meeting
  • Tour of Shed 10 refurbishment with Waterfront Auckland
  • Meeting with AT to receive an update on the Transport Management Association for Wynyard Quarter
  • Transport Portfolio monthly update with Auckland Transport on 31 January
  • Newmarket Business Association meeting to discuss transport matters with David Warburton and senior AT managers on 31 January

Professional development

I attended:

  • The IPANZ Auckland Two Year on Conference on 10 December  – see conference report attached as ATTACHMENT B

Events and functions

I attended the following events and functions during December and January

  • Ponsonby Market Day and Franklin Road Christmas Lights on 1 December
  • Citizenship ceremony on 4 December
  • NZCSI Social Entrepreneurs School Graduation Ceremony,  held at Telecom Place on 5 December
  • Outlook for Someday sustainability film challenge at the Aotea Centre ( I am a trustee of Connected media that runs the challenge)
  • Cycle Action Associates breakfast on 5 December at the Art Gallery
  • Western Park Christmas carols hosted by the Board on Sunday 9 DecemberWestern Park carols
  • Western Bays Community Group meeting on 10 December
  • Grey Lynn Business Association Christmas drinks
  • Parnell Inc Christmas drinks
  • Jacobs Ladder Footbridge Official Opening – invitation of the NZ Transport Agency on 15 December
  • Kahui Kaumatua Christmas Luncheon at the Council Chambers (as alternative for the Chair) on 19 December
  • British High Commission ‘Great History – Great Future’ Reception for the Rt Hon William Hague on 15 January at Sale Street